Your pets are in good hands with our experienced team.

Whether your pet needs a routine spay or neuter or a more advanced surgical procedure, you’re likely worried about their health and safety while under anesthesia. Put your fears at rest by trusting in the experienced, compassionate team at Eldorado Animal Clinic to ensure your furry loved one receives the best surgical care in the Glorieta, Pecos, and Santa Fe areas.

What Happens During Your Pet’s Surgery

Our staff is trained to complete a wide range of surgical procedures on your cats or dogs.

veterinarian in a blue coat shaving a dog for a surgical procedure at eldorado animal clinic

When your pet comes in for a surgical procedure at Eldorado Animal Clinic, rest assured there is no more highly qualified team to care for your beloved companion in the Glorieta, Pecos, and Santa Fe areas. We take several steps before, during, and after surgery to ensure your best friend is safe and pain-free and recovers well from their procedure.

Before surgery, we perform pre-anesthetic blood work to search for hidden signs of disease. When combined with a thorough physical exam, we can spot most issues and remedy them before we put your pet under anesthesia.

During surgery, we carefully monitor your furry pal to ensure they are comfortable, pain-free, and handling anesthesia well.

After surgery, we keep your pet warm and cozy until they are awake and ready to go home in your arms, watching all the while for signs of pain or discomfort and addressing any issues as needed.

Pet Surgeries in El Dorado at Santa Fe

For your pet's surgical care in the Glorieta, Pecos, or Santa Fe areas, trust in the highly skilled and experienced team at Eldorado Animal Clinic. Nowhere will you find a more devoted team to monitor and care for your beloved companion before, during, and after surgery. Please call us regarding any questions about your pet’s procedure, or to schedule a surgery.

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