When you head out of town, it can be tough to leave your beloved companion behind.

Eldorado Animal Clinic is committed to looking after your furry friend while they are under our care. In case of any unexpected health issues, you will be notified right away if your pet requires any treatment. 

If you’re looking for pet boarding in the Santa Fe, Pecos, or Glorieta areas, stop by and check out your four-legged friend's home away from home.


Our Boarding Services

Modern and comfortable boarding services in individualized suites for both dogs and cats!

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At Eldorado Animal Clinic, we understand that leaving your furry family member behind during travel can be tough. That's why we offer state-of-the-art boarding services that are designed to provide your pet with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Our cozy suites are climate-controlled and tailored to meet the unique needs of both dogs and cats, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention while you're away.

Trust us to take care of your pets while you're on the go, so they can feel right at home even when you're not. In fact, they may love their home away from home so much, they never want to leave!

Boarding Packages - Canine

Boarding Packages - Feline

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Pet Boarding in El Dorado at Santa Fe

If you're looking for a clean, comfortable, and classy boarding facility in the Glorieta, Pecos, or Santa Fe areas, look no further than Eldorado Animal Clinic. Your pet is guaranteed to be treated like a member of the family and receive top-notch care. Call now to book your furry pal’s stay.